Physics HL

Past Exam Video Solutions

Paper 2

May 2016 

* Just a reminder: even though we would love to display past exam questions in our videos, unfortunately we are not able to do this due to copyright laws.

What we offer are clearly explained, easy to follow video solutions that you can use when working with past papers. You can get these papers from your school or find them on the Internet.*

Question 1a(i)

Question 1a(ii)

Question 1b(i)

Question 1b(ii)

Question 1c

Question 1d

Question 1e

Question 1f

Question 2a

Question 2b

Question 3a

Question 3b(i)

Question 3b(ii)

Question 4a

Question 4b(i)

Question 4b(ii)

Question 4c(i)

Question 4c(ii)

Question 4d(i)

Question 4d(ii)

Question 5a

Question 5b

Question 5c

Question 6a

Question 6b(i)

Question 6b(ii)

Question 7a

Question 7b(i)

Question 7b(ii)

Question 7c(i and ii)

Question 7d(i)

Question 7d(ii)

Question 8a

Question 8b(i)

Question 8b(ii)

Question 8c

Question 9a

Question 9b

Question 9c

Question 9d

Question 10a

Question 10b(i)

Question 10b(ii)

Question 10c(i)

Question 10c(ii)

Question 11a(i)

Question 11a(ii)

Question 11b

Question 11c