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New! – Concept Explanations

Comprehensive video explanations that closely follow the IB Physics syllabus. We have recently added this section, so for now you will find videos covering all of Topics 1, 2 and 3. New material will continuousely be added over the coming weeks.



A continually growing collection of exam-style questions that cover all topics from the syllabus. For the moment, you can practice with over 400 SL and over 550 HL Paper 1 and Paper 2 questions. All Paper 1 Core Topic questions are accompanied by full Video Solutions and Done Under 90 video explanations (more questions and videos on the way!).



Past Exam Video Solutions by Year

More than 1000 clear, to-the-point video explanations of all 44 SL and HL Paper 1 and Paper 2 IB Physics past exams from May 2016 to November 2019. Perfect when you are revising for your mocks or preparing for your final IB exams. 


Past Exam Video Solutions by Topic

Our 1000+ past exam video solutions arranged by IB Physics syllabus topic. If you have an upcoming sub-topic quiz, a longer topic test or revising a specific area of the syllabus, these videos will help you focus on exactly what you need to learn. 

Practice Exams

Full-length IB-style exam papers that include questions from all topics. For now, you will find three full Paper 1 exams for both SL and HL and three full Paper 2 exams for both SL and HL (more to come soon).



Revision Summary

A full, concise summary of each topic on the IB Physics syllabus to help you prepare more efficiently and effectively for all your assessments.



IA Guide

A complete, step-by-step video guide to help you save time and achieve the grade you want on your Physics Internal Assessment. From start to finish, these videos walk you through all key points and detail of how to write a high-scoring IA.

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Our latest additions:

Concept Explanation Videos covering all of Topic 3.

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