Internal Assessment

An Eight-Step Guide

Step One: Brainstorming, Research Question, and Experiment


By the end of this step you will have:

✔︎  Created a mind map and/or list with initial ideas

✔︎  Chosen your variables

✔︎  Written your research question

✔︎  Thought about your experiment 

✔︎  Tested your experiment

Brainstorming ideas

Creating your research question

Thinking about and testing your experiment



➜  Brainstorm ideas

  Create your research question

  Think about and test your experiment




✔︎  I have a mind map and/or a list displaying my initial ideas

✔︎  I have an independent and a dependent variable for my experiment

✔︎  I wrote a research question connecting these variables

✔︎ I thought about the steps of my experiment based on the research question

✔︎  I listed the equipment that I need for my experiment

✔︎  I verified that I have access to all this equipment

✔︎  I set up the equipment to test my experiment

✔︎  I collected some data at the lowest value of my independent variable

✔︎  I collected some data at the highest value of my independent variable

✔︎  I verified that it is easy to change my independent variable

✔︎  I verified that it is easy to measure my dependent variable

✔︎  I verified that I can collect data at least for five values of the independent variable

✔︎  I verified that I get a good range of values for my dependent variable


Questions to ask your teacher

  Are the variables chosen correctly, given the context of the investigation?

  Is the research question formulated correctly?

  Is all necessary equipment available (at school) that is needed to carry out the experiment?

  Does the experiment have the potential to provide sufficient and relevant qualitative and/or quantitative data to carry out data analysis and evaluation?

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