Firstly, I would like to thank you for this resource. As an IB student in HL Physics, I have struggled with gaining a thorough understanding and mastery of this course, and have been hoping for a resource like this for the past couple of years. Now that I have found Paper Plainz, I am delighted to finally be able to reach my full potential. I have gained so much confidence just in time for my exam in a few weeks, and I am eternally grateful to the creators of this amazing resource!

Genève M.

IBDP Student, Canada/Cayman Islands, May 2021 Exam Session

PaperPlainz quite literally saved my IB Physics grade! The website is like the course syllabus with extreme detail in every topic, sub-topic, and sub-subtopic. I felt sure that I was covering every detail I needed to know for the exam and never felt like anything was missing. With the exception of past-papers (due to copyright reasons), PaperPlainz is literally everything you need to study. It has got SO many practice questions, with detailed videos explaining even the most basic of concepts, which makes it so much easier to follow. It has even got video answers to all important past papers, which is incredibly helpful when checking exams you may do for revision. I cannot say this more explicitly, Paperplainz is the only thing you will need for your IB physics. You could do the entire IB physics syllabus without going to class and still get an amazing grade with PaperPlainz. (do go to class though, it’s worth it).

Matias M.

IBDP Student, Spain, 2022 Exam Session

Paperplainz has been a very reliable resource in the two years I’ve been using it for both quick touch ups on my physics knowledge before a test as well as much more in depth revision for my mocks, as well as final IB exams. The explanation videos are very good at giving an understanding of the idea behind a topic, and then the practice questions are great for reinforcing the knowledge we learned from the videos and in class. Since there are a lot of IB (or at least IB-style) practice questions in the questionbank I was able to use PaperPlainz for a large mass of my final exam studying, which is wonderful since I was able to have a majority of all my physics studying material in one place.

Aidan C.

USA/Niger/Liberia/Senegal, May 2022 Exam Session

Paperplainz has been an extremely helpful resource for me throughout the past 2 years of my IB physics course. It has an almost unbelievable amount of features, from good IB-focused concept explanations to help you understand topics (Showing you the stuff that will actually be on the exam), to endless revision resources like sub-topic quizzes, question bank topics by unit, past exam paper solutions, and even several mock papers to practice on. I think my favorite part is that over the 2 years the number of resources on the website has continued to grow. Not once have I thought “Wow, this website is missing this feature”. Overall, Paperplainz gave me confidence in my IB physics course as with it I felt like I could thoroughly understand any topic that I truly wanted, and it helped me do very well and develop a good understanding of Physics. Thank you Paperplainz!

Maxym B.

IBDP Student, France/Senegal, May 2022 Exam Session

I really love this website. Once I did not like physics at all, but the website is so interesting that it guides me to explore the beauty of physics. Thank you! With your help, I got a 7 in Physics and an overall score of 45 as my final IB score.
Yiyang L.

IBDP Student, China, May 2022 Exam Session

I have been using Paper Plainz since 2019 and found it invaluable as a new teacher of IBDP physics. The IB has a peculiar style of framing problems and the worked video solutions helped me get better, enabling me to help my students better. I have also appreciated how the site has evolved to also present concept explanations, quizzes, and revision summaries. Great work and keep the resources coming to help teachers get better at the technical to keep room for the socioemotional aspects of teaching. Thank you :)

Ms. Jaya R.

High School Science Teacher, USA

As a teacher, it can be difficult to provide individual feedback and clarification to every student based on their individual areas of challenge. Paper Plainz is the only resource that I have found that helps students to have a bespoke revision experience. It provides excellent resources to support the IA, and also has great component revision videos. The students sometimes try to focus on past paper questions without reviewing their notes but this resource really encourages students to change these habits.

Mr. Richard J.

IBDP Physics Teacher, Thailand

I would like to thank PaperPlainz for the concept explanations as I’ve gone from not understanding a single thing to testing 7s on my IB Physics Summatives.

Yize W.

IBDP Student, Taiwan/Ireland, May 2023 Exam Session

Paperplainz was definitely the most important resource that I used for Physics. Let me explain why. In the last 2 years of the pandemic, I had to shift three times which meant I missed most of my classes. Paperplainz not only helped me build my concepts through their crystal clear concept videos but also allowed me to practice these concepts with their question bank. I never read any book for Physics, simply because Paperlainz covered each and every aspect. I believe practicing questions on Paperplainz is much more useful than passively reading the book. Thanks to Paperplainz, I was able to cover my syllabus in a very short time and also managed to get a 6 in my finals. Thank you Paperplainz!

Muhammad S.

IBDP Student, Pakistan, May 2022 Exam Session

PaperPlainz is a fantastic resource that allows students to have more independence in their learning. Our students love the short concept explanations, the questionbank questions with different difficulty indices, and the video explanations – particularly the ones for multiple choice exam questions, so they can quickly address what they got wrong. The site is well-structured and easy to navigate. Overall, a great resource to support exam preparation!
Ms. Roberta R.

DP Physics Teacher, Netherlands

My students find Paper Plainz extremely helpful. Using Paper Plainz, they are able to practice past papers at their own pace. In the past, students would make a beeline for me whenever they are stuck on a question. Now, they are able to watch step-by-step video solutions found on the website. This has been the most impactful component of Paper Plainz. The work solutions have saved my students a lot of time. Additionally, the short videos on the various topics complement the material I use in class.

Mr. Amin B. A. B.

MYP Science & DP Physics Teacher, China

The Physics textbook that we learned from was at best decent for Physics review and it had some okay P1 questions, but I felt that I needed a ‘better’ source to review. Then I found out about PaperPlainz from a friend and I was just shocked. It had concept explanations, exam style questions (for both papers) and it even reviewed how to solve questions on past exams. I honestly felt like I was in physics heaven. After a while I ended up switching to only studying from PaperPlainz. It was the best decision I made; summarizing exactly what we need to know (and nothing more, something that the textbook struggles with) in an hour or so is completely invaluable considering the time constraints that come with studying for other courses. It’s quite evident you’re covered for at least the exams, but you might ask “what about the IA?”. Amazingly, they have you covered for that too! In fact, there’s an entire section on the website dedicated to help you with components of your IA. Seeing this as a fellow student was so absolutely shocking, it honestly felt like I had found THE site to help me achieve that 6-7 in Physics. The site made studying Physics so much more enjoyable for me because it felt like I finally had a concrete study ‘plan’ in a way that simply reading a textbook does not provide. In the end, it was exactly that, and my eventual mastery in Physics concepts and questions can be largely attributed to Paper Plainz. Which is why I urge students: THIS is what you need to succeed.

Alex S.

IBDP Student, Canada, May 2022 Exam Session

I am really passionate about physics, therefore, I would like to have a website that helps me with practice problems and video explanations, and this is the only website I was able to find that provides this. I would like to apply to a technical university after IB, therefore I really want a 6/7 in Physics. For our first test (Measurements and Uncertainties) I got a 6 (1 mark off a 7 :( ), and I used the question bank provided by PaperPlainz, which I found extremely useful, especially the ‘Under 90sec’ solutions.

Peter K.

IBDP Student, Netherlands, May 2023 Exam Session

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